Webapp vs Desktop, Which is Better for you?
For the past decade, the trend has been to stray away from desktop development and into web and mobile apps. But more recently the desktop app may return as more people are working from home....
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How Shopify can Help Launch your Online Shop
It could be 3:14 AM and your mind just turned an idea into a vision, and maybe a vision into a real world solution. What if that idea becomes an online shop. Perhaps there is a market, an audience and segment of people who are waiting for you vision to hit the proverbial store shelves. […]...
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Get a Jump Start with WordPress
There are many tools for managing content online. Depending on your use case, a variety CMS (content management system) are out there. Everything from the complex to the very simple, and everything in between. For the most part if you're just in the need for content to help with marketing, and brand...
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Battle of the low code, no code, and visual software development tools
What is the right way to develop your idea into a real world software implementation?...
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