Zarrar Sheikh
October 6, 2021

The Approach of the Fall and Winter

What does it really mean to transition into the Holiday Season?

Just like any other culture in any part of the world, each season brings about its own nuances and cultural rites. If you were in Latvia, in the season leading up to winter, you might find yourself picking fruits and preserving it for the long haul cold weather.

In the Southern hemisphere perhaps the onslaught is not of cold weather but rather the approach of Spring. In New York, its the approach of the Holiday Season, as it is also in much of the United States.

Holiday, or rather Holiday Season, is a term that is broad and very vague. For most of Europe it usually refers to Christmas, however in the United States it has an extended meaning.   Thanksgiving which takes place every November sets up much of what happens during this so called Holiday Season.  During this period you will find yourself bombarded with holiday themed adverts on TV, radio and internet that go into much more detail than just Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays .

What is the focus of these adverts? Retail. With Thanksgiving being recently past it now sets up what will happen to Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This latter term seems to have been created by Americans as they are leading the world in extensive internet shopping. The whole notion of Black Friday was meant for American businesses but has since spread across most parts of the world . If you are familiar with this term then you will know that its not exactly a happy day for many or at least they expect savings on items bought during this time period.

The biggest highlight, however , is what has come to be known as 'The Holiday Season' itself. But why is there an emphasis on saving money ?   Perhaps following the global economic recession of 2009, the idea behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday was to get people spending again.

In a year when many families are struggling for funds, buying gifts becomes difficult especially in December where the expenses seem endless from lighting up your home , gifting loved ones or perhaps attending a big party . So what does the Fall and Winter mean for me? All of the above.  A moment in time to be human, and live as if live is a TV show with a happy ending after New Years Eve, of course.

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